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A safe disconnect circuit is provided for mitigating the effect of harmful circuit conditions upon a load, such as an integrated power module (IPM). The safe disconnect circuit comprises a switching circuit operative to receive a pulsed input signal, and to detect the presence of a load threatening input signal, e.g. a load control signal, having an amplitude below a preset amplitude threshold and a duration beyond a present duration threshold. The switching circuit is operative to terminate load power in response to detect a presence of the load threatening signal.

A Method of Shared Regenerative Power Management

Technical Paper
Edmond Tajirian, Paramjit (Pete) Walia, Clarence Lui, Ivan Wong, Chris Lee
The characteristics of large electrical loads encountered in the modern More Electric Aircraft (MEA) require regenerative power processing in order to preserve the power quality within acceptable transient and steady state limits. In an MEA with large active loads and pulsed power demands, it is necessary to employ an architecture that safely and effectively processes regenerative energy resulting from the dynamic loads. For instance, the electrical flight control actuation presents one of the largest regenerative power sources encountered by the generation system. Typical approach is to dissipate this energy through resistors of the power electronics which increases the size and penalizes the aircraft.