Core Capabilities

• Design, development, and manufacture of electronic powercircute
converters, circuit boards, power and signal distribution units applications
• Design of Electrical Power System Architectures

• FPGA based embedded controllers

• Testing Capabilities:
• Testing Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Units
• Point-to-point testing of Electronic Circuit Cards
• Modern Equipment for Product Development
• Modern Assembly Equipment for fine
pitch production

Production Capability

ETC’s Electronics production capability

Our Essemtec  machines are fully operational and they are part of our key capabilities:

·         High quality optics allow production of fine pitch assemblies

·         Program, serialize, and test electronic assemblies

·         Conformal coat the assemblies

·         The Essemtec RO 06 reflow oven provides accurate repeatable temperature profiles

·         Follow ISO 9001:2008 quality system for all processes